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Real Estate Visuals - Beginner to Pro

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Welcome to the "Real Estate Visuals" E-Course, an enriching complement to your immersive 3-day, 1-to-1 practical course at Raid Media studio. This comprehensive program is designed to seamlessly integrate video and photo elements, providing a cohesive and thorough review of all aspects covered during your hands-on sessions with your dedicated tutor. On the E-Platform, we revisit the intricacies of real estate visuals, exploring camera equipment nuances, and delving deep into manual settings, including ISO, shutter speed, and f-stop. Our expertly crafted videos extend the learning experience, guiding you through the mastery of exposure and lighting, composition techniques, cinematic shooting, and much more. This synchronized approach ensures a harmonious recapitulation of the extensive curriculum covered in both the practical and online courses. The synergy of practical and online learning culminates in a comprehensive exam, allowing you to showcase your proficiency in real estate visuals. This blended learning journey is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about internalizing skills, refining techniques, and ultimately, becoming adept at creating captivating visuals for the real estate industry. Join us in this holistic educational experience, where the Raid Media studio and E-Platform converge to elevate your expertise in real estate photography and videography.


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